If you want to make sure your Trophy Club, Texas, home is as comfortable as possible, balancing your indoor humidity is key. Although many people don’t realize it, keeping your humidity balanced can significantly improve your comfort and can also protect your house from several forms of damage.

Low Humidity Makes You Less Comfortable

Both low and high humidity levels can affect your comfort, so let’s start by discussing the impact of air that’s too dry. For starters, when the humidity level in your home is too low, it can be very harsh on your skin and may result in flaking or cracking. For some people, low humidity levels and poor air quality can result in nosebleeds, and it’s also possible to develop sinus problems, such as frequent infections.

Problems With Overly Humid Air

Air that’s too humid can not only affect your comfort, it can also impact your health. When there’s a lot of moisture in the air, bacteria and dust mites will have a much easier time taking hold in your home. When these microorganisms are present in your home, your family may experience a variety of respiratory issues. This is especially true if the dust mites are able to make their way into your furniture and bedding.

Unbalanced Humidity Can Damage Your Home

Your family’s comfort and health are probably your main concerns when it comes to indoor humidity, but you should also be aware that extreme humidity levels can cause widespread damage in your house. Excessive humidity in your home can result in moisture pooling on the wood surfaces in your house, and if the issue isn’t fixed, warping can occur. When the air is overly dry, your wood surfaces will be extremely vulnerable to cracking and may need to be completely replaced instead of repaired.

Get help with the humidity levels in your home by calling North Tarrant Heat and Air at (817) 538-4700. We’ll get your humidity in order so your family stays healthy and happy, all year long.

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