Summers can get extremely hot here in Trophy Club, TX, but your heat pump should see you through without much fuss if you prepare properly in the spring. Typically, a heat pump should turn on for 10 or 15 minutes at a time; anything longer than that, and you know you have a problem. A constantly running heat pump may have airflow issues, a bad thermostat or an inadequate cooling capacity for your space.

You Have Blocked Airflow

Perhaps you haven’t been scheduling annual maintenance, and as a result, your vents, filter, and interior components have collected dirt, dust and other debris. All of this will hinder the generation and circulation of cool air.

Your Thermostat Needs Calibration

Maintenance also covers thermostat calibration, another essential task. Over time, thermostats become less accurate in measuring the indoor temperature. Maybe your thermostat never noticed that the heat pump reached the setpoint, so it continues to let it run.

Conversely, the problem may lie with your temperature setting. The lower you set the temperature, the longer the system will take to reach it.

You Need a Bigger Heat Pump

Did you add a room to your home and have the vents extended to it? You may have needed a bigger system installed at the same time, then. Heat pumps have a specific cooling capacity, and if your space exceeds that capacity, your system will run seemingly forever to meet that space’s needs. Or perhaps a mini-split can meet the demands for the added on space.

Call us at North Tarrant Heat & Air to pinpoint the cause of your constantly cycling heat pump in Trophy Club and provide the right AC repairs. We guarantee 100% customer satisfaction no matter how extensive the project may be. Depending on the cost of a recommended repair, you may receive a free second opinion.

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