Everyone in Southlake, Texas, wants to keep their energy bills as low as possible in the winter. Fortunately, you can easily save money by scheduling routine heater maintenance. Here are a few ways heater maintenance can cut your energy costs while keeping your home comfortable.

By Selecting the Most Efficient Settings

When a service technician visits your home, one of the first things they’ll do is examine the settings you’re using for your heater. In addition to helping you choose the right daytime and nighttime temperatures for maximum efficiency, your tech can check your fan settings to make sure you’re not wasting any energy.

By Optimizing Performance

Guaranteeing that your heater is performing at its optimal capacity is another way regular heater maintenance can lower your energy bills. The harder your heater works, the more energy it uses, the higher your energy costs rise. Optimizing performance makes sure your heater only uses as much energy as needed to maintain the temperature in your home.

Your service technician can maximize heater performance in several ways. For instance, they can inspect the different parts of your heater for damage that may interfere with performance, and they can repair or replace any damaged parts to restore full heating capacity. Your service professional can also swap out your old, clogged air filter so restricted airflow doesn’t interfere with heater performance.

By Preventing Outages

A heater malfunction or breakdown can be a huge unexpected cost for Southlake homeowners. Until your system is fixed, you may need to warm your home with space heaters, which can use a lot of electricity. When your heater is finally fixed, it will need to work in overdrive to return your home to its normal temperature. Regular maintenance can prevent outages and their surprising costs.

Save money on your energy bills with a heating tune-up from North Tarrant Heat & Air. Call us today at (817) 538-4700 and we’ll make sure your heater works the way it should.

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