If you notice that airflow in your Keller, Texas, home varies from room to room, it may be due to problems with ductwork. Ducts distribute conditioned air throughout the living space. Clogged air filters, improperly sized ducts or leaks in the duct system can cause uneven airflow. Proper airflow is important in regulating temperature and humidity. In addition, poor air circulation affects indoor air quality.

Elements of System Balancing

Heating, ventilation and air conditioning specialists balance static pressure to optimize performance of indoor air conditioners and ensure that airflow is consistent throughout a home. Pressure is the resistance to airflow through ducts and other components of the system. Too much resistance causes the unit to work harder, which can overtax the system and use more energy to operate. System balancing ensures that air can flow evenly through ducts and into each room, so it’s important for HVAC specialists to maintain the working order of your AC and heating system throughout the year.

Enhancing Duct Performance

Keeping air filters clean is the first step in ensuring that ducts function efficiently. Air filters capture dust and other airborne particulates and keep them from entering the HVAC system. When filters are dirty, particulates bypass the filter and enter ducts. Eventually, these pollutants are blown into the living space and affect the air you breathe. This is why it’s crucial to keep the air filters in your HVAC systems clean.

Energy Star estimates that up to 30 percent of conditioned air escapes through leaks and poor joins in ductwork. This affects airflow, causes fluctuation in temperature, and makes regulating humidity difficult. In addition, leaks result in higher energy bills and affect overall comfort and performance. Ask an HVAC contractor to inspect the ductwork in your home for leaks, blocks, and poor seals to guarantee strong air flow throughout your home.

Air Balancing Services of North Tarrant Heat & Air

North Tarrant Heat & Air provides a full range of AC services to Keller and nearby communities to keep the indoor environment of your home comfortable, including:

  • Air conditioning maintenance
  • Ductless minisplits
  • Air filter upgrades and replacement
  • Indoor air quality solutions

If you experience uneven airflow in your home, call to speak to one of our certified technicians to evaluate the situation. We’d love to help stabilize the flow of air throughout your Keller, TX home.

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