Air conditioners come in various sizes, shapes and brands. That means you need to choose the right unit that fits the needs of your Fort Worth, TX home. Considering the following important things when purchasing a new AC unit can help you make a wise decision.

1. Understand the SEER

You can measure an AC’s efficiency by looking at the SEER. It’s wise to buy a unit with a higher SEER, meaning that it has higher efficiency and thus lower operational costs. An air conditioning unit with low operational costs keeps your home comfortable without breaking the bank.

2. The Right AC Size

Tonnage is vital in determining the air conditioner’s cooling power. A technician will recommend the correct size of an air conditioning unit that matches your needs. When determining the appropriate AC size, the technician will consider your square footage, the unit’s location and the home’s insulation.

3. Type of AC

Air conditioners are available in different types with varying effectiveness and energy efficiency. If you reside in a big house with several rooms, you’ll likely need a different type of AC compared to a person living in a small condo. Consult an HVAC company to help you choose an appropriate AC type.

4. Air Quality

Air quality is a priority when choosing air conditioners. Ensure that you buy an AC that helps to improve indoor air quality. Other important features include noise, power consumption and fan speed settings.

You should make an informed decision with these factors in mind. Talk to an HVAC expert to answer questions and provide guidance when choosing an AC. Give North Tarrant Heat & Air a call today for installation as well as regular maintenance so that you can stay cool all summer long.

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