Winter is in full swing in Keller, TX, and you want to keep your home warm and comfortable throughout the cold season. A well-functioning furnace is vital for cold nights and keeping your heating bills low. Here are four of the most common signs that your HVAC system will need furnace repair.

1. Gas Leaks

If you notice the smell of gas, turn off your furnace and call an HVAC technician right away. It’s a sign of a faulty furnace that requires immediate repairs because gas is highly flammable and could cause a fire. Your HVAC technician will check your furnace to diagnose the reasons for and find solutions to any gas and carbon monoxide leaks.

2. Ineffective Heating

If your furnace cannot effectively heat your home, it’s time to call an expert for repairs. A faulty motor, clogged filters, or a faulty thermostat are possible reasons your furnace isn’t generating hot air. Call in the heating repair pros to diagnose your furnace and fix the issue.

3. Cycling On and Off Repeatedly

If your furnace starts up then stops and starts up again repeatedly, it’s faulty. Some possible causes could include a dirty heat sensor that requires cleaning or other serious issues. It’s best to hire an expert to repair your furnace for effective heating.

4. Strange Noises

A whining sound originating from your furnace could indicate an air leak, while a groaning noise could indicate worn-out bearings. A clacking furnace sound might point out to a cracked heat exchanger. Be sure to call an HVAC technician for repairs if you notice any loud or unusual sound coming from the furnace.

You’ll want to schedule heating repair services as soon as you notice any of the above signs. Preventive furnace maintenance helps to prevent premature breakdowns and extends a system’s lifespan. Call North Tarrant Heating & Air for affordable and top-notch maintenance services to keep your furnace efficient.

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