Even in more moderate climates like Westlake, TX, your HVAC system probably runs the better part of the year. Most of us like our homes to stay at a consistent and comfortable temperature, and if your HVAC system is functioning properly, you probably don’t notice it much once you set the thermostat.

If you have a heat pump, for example, your system consists of an outside fan and condenser unit, as well as an inside air handler. Parts in each of the units can fail and make unexpected noises. Don’t ignore these sounds – talk to an HVAC technician to avoid a costly repair or complete replacement of your unit.

Squealing or Squeaking

Motors are run by belts, which sometimes make a squealing or squeaking sound as they age. Sometimes the remedy is simple lubrication, and sometimes they’ll need to be replaced. Bad bearings in a fan or blower motor can also cause a screech. A technician will be able to tell if the bearings need to be replaced or if there is a more serious issue with the motor.


Your outdoor unit has a protective grate on top to prevent debris from infiltrating the fan. Sometimes, though, a stick might make it through and rub against the fan blade it as it runs. If you hear a rattling coming from your outdoor unit, the first thing to do is check for sticks, rubble, and other outdoor debris – but remember to turn the power to the unit off before checking. A rattling sound can also signify a loose part, which will require a technician.


It’s normal to hear a clicking noise as your unit starts up. The system contains electrical parts that enable the components to start and run for the prescribed time. However, if you hear prolonged clicking sounds, it may be a sign that something electrical is failing. This is when it’s crucial to contact an HVAC professional as soon as possible to avoid a systematic breakdown.

If you can’t quickly diagnose a concerning sound coming from your HVAC system, contact our skilled technicians at North Tarrant Heating & Air at (817) 538-4700. We service the greater Fort Worth area to get you back to comfort.

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