The weather in Fort Worth, TX can be very unpredictable. Therefore, you may rely on your home’s HVAC system every day in order to keep your family comfortable. To save money, you need to operate the system efficiently. Unfortunately, there are many HVAC myths that actually lead to energy wastefulness. Consider these common myths about saving energy with your HVAC system and learn the truth.

If It Isn’t Broke, Leave It Alone

Regular maintenance is an integral part of operating your HVAC system effectively. Many things are cheap to repair when the problem is small, but they will lead to more expensive repairs later. Regular maintenance also ensures that your unit is operating as efficiently as possible. Getting a professional to look at your unit at least twice a year also helps to ensure that you will not be without air conditioning on hot summer days and heat when the days turn chilly.

Changing Filters Regularly Is a Gimmick to Sell More Products

You need to change your HVAC filters on the recommended schedule to keep your unit operating efficiently. If you do not replace your filters, your unit must work harder, and that costs you money. Not replacing your filters can also cause your unit to get clogged, so it may not come on at all.

Cranking the Thermostat Down Cools a Room Faster

Cranking the thermostat down on hot days in Fort Worth does not cool an area faster. It just makes your unit work harder to get to the lower temperature, which costs you money. Likewise, cranking up the heat on a cold winter day costs you money. Decide what temperature you want your home and leave it there.

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