Just like other appliances in your home, there comes a time when replacing your AC in Southlake, TX is inevitable. An old system is not only ineffective, but it’s also going to cost you more money as it becomes less efficient as it ages. Red on to understand how your old system may be wasting your money.

Health Risks

Apart from cooling your home, your air conditioner is responsible for ensuring quality indoor air. As your system gets older, its ability to clean the air in your home declines. That means that it won’t completely eliminate indoor pollutants from the air.

As a result, you’ll notice recurrent respiratory infections in your household. Sleep quality may degrade and conditions such as asthma worsen. Eventually, you might find that you’re spending too much money on doctor bills and missing work, which could mean missing pay.

Frequent Repairs

AC repairs are nothing out of the ordinary. As your system gets older, demand for repairs and replacements is unavoidable.

For older systems, the recurrence rate is much higher, meaning the cost of repairs is too high. If this is the case with your current AC, the most cost-effective solution is to install a new one.

High Electric Bills

Your system uses electricity to keep you comfortable. And as it gets older, some parts wear out, leading to an increase in energy consumption.

In the late stages of its lifespan, your AC will use too much energy as it runs longer, which translates to higher electric bills. If this is happening with your air conditioner, talk to one of our technicians about available options that are more energy efficient and better for your budget.

Is your AC in Southlake, TX showing any of the above signs? Contact us at North Tarrant Heat & Air to schedule your new AC installation or an assessment of its performance.

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