A thermostat is an integral part of your heating or cooling system as it helps to control your home’s temperature. However, improper use can lead to high energy bills and energy losses, and it can put excess strain on the system. For residents of Fort Worth, TX, below are the common mistakes you should avoid when using your smart thermostat.

Frequent Quick Temperature Changes

A smart thermostat allows for energy efficiency and takes time to adjust from a high temperature to a low one. Setting the temperature higher because you’ve entered a cold room may end up overheating your home. Adjusting the temperature to cool your home faster is not a good idea either.

Wrong Programming

A smart thermostat helps conserve energy with appropriate programming. Ensure you set temperatures appropriately when you’re not around, and try not to set the temperature higher or lower than you need during the hottest and coldest seasons.

Switching Off Instead of Using Setback Temperature

Most smart thermostats have a setback feature that turns your unit on a few minutes before you get back home. This feature also protects the temperatures from rising or falling to unacceptable levels. Turning off this setback system can be dangerous as it can result in your home reaching unacceptable and dangerously low temperatures.

Using the Incorrect Temperature

Setting an ideal temperature allows you to attain comfort in a cost-friendly manner. Wrong settings can lead to stuffiness and high bills, especially when the setting is too low. An ideal temperature is typically 64–70 degrees, and 78 degrees is reasonable when the A/C is on.

Choosing Very High or Very Low Settings

The HVAC system requires a lot of energy to maintain extreme temperatures. When temperatures are extreme, the system strains and wears out quickly. Avoiding these settings helps conserve energy and increase the system’s lifespan.

Proper use of the smart thermostat will increase the system’s lifespan, lead to more efficiency and reducing operating costs. Contact us today at North Tarrant Heat & Air for smart home automation, heating repairs and installation.

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