Summers in Colleyville, TX, are long and hot, so local families rely on their HVAC system to cool and dehumidify their homes. Keeping up with maintenance can help you avoid disruptions to your comfort, lower your utility bills, and extend your HVAC system’s lifespan. Here are three things you can do in order to keep your HVAC system in good shape throughout the summer months of the year.

Keep Landscaping Clear

The outdoor condenser unit of your HVAC system needs ample clearance in order to release the heat from your home. A minimum of three feet of clearance in every direction is ideal. You’ll need to keep the lawn mowed. Trim back landscaping, including shrubs, bushes, tree branches and perennial or annual flowers. Once each month, use a garden hose to wash dirt and dust off the outdoor unit’s housing.

Check and Replace the Filter

Once each month, check your HVAC system’s filter. If it’s dirty, replace it. At minimum, change the filter every two months. According to the Indoor Air Quality Association, doing this could improve your HVAC system’s efficiency by 30%. Clean air filters also improve indoor air quality, lower your HVAC system’s energy use and prevent overheating of the system.

Clean the Air Vents and Ducts

Once each month, remove the vent cover for all intake and exhaust vents in your home. Wipe off the dust. Use the extension hose of your vacuum in order to remove dust buildup near vent openings. If it’s been more than two years since your home’s ducts were professionally cleaned, consider scheduling this service. Dust and dirt buildup in the ducts hinder airflow, which decreases your comfort and overworks your HVAC system. Keeping the ducts and vents free of dust improves the quality of your home’s air and could reduce your allergy symptoms.

To learn more about maintaining your heating and cooling system this summer, check out North Tarrant Heating & Air’s HVAC maintenance services, or call us today for additional details.

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