If you don’t have much room in your Keller, Texas, home for a split HVAC system, a packaged system might be a smart space-saving option. These compact systems — which can be all-electric systems, gas/electric combinations, or a dual fuel option — maximize the efficiency of two systems into a single unit. There are many reasons you might choose a packaged system, but here are three of the most common.

Energy Savings

Because ductless and hybrid packaged HVAC systems are more compact than split systems, they use less energy to move air and refrigerant. Some models have economizers with dampers that can use outdoor air in nice weather. That means not only can you reduce utility bills, but you can also lower pollution levels — all while keeping your home at a comfortable temperature.

Easy Installation

Packaged systems come from the factory mostly assembled, while the indoor and outdoor units of a split system must be connected. Installing a packaged system takes just one or two days, compared to about a week for many other units. Maintenance for packaged systems is also generally simplified, because technicians need to check the parts in only one casing. Adding a packaged system with a new addition or renovation is easier than replacing your heater or air conditioner with a larger unit.

Space Efficiency

A packaged system doesn’t take up a lot of space inside your home, so you can use the place where you would normally put an indoor unit for additional storage. Packaged units are popular for businesses because of their efficiency, low costs, and versatility.

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